The Father Of Chicano Music: Lalo Guerrero

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Lalo Guerrero is one of the first names that comes to mind when Chicano music, and the history behind the sound, is mentioned. Lalo was a true pioneer in the genre, and dedicated his life to writing songs that told the story of the Hispanic people living in the United States.

Lalo was born on December 24, 1916, in Tucson, Arizona. He was raised in a large, hard-working family. From a young age, Lalo knew he wanted to pursue a musical career. He left home to begin writing and performing anywhere he could.

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The Supportive Woman Behind Lalo Guerrero

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Lalo Guerrero paved the way for many Latin American musicians today with his talent as a guitarist and his activism, inspiring others to find their voice and talents. For over half a century, he became widely recognized for his abilities and was even given the title of “Father of Chicano Music.” Everyone needs to begin somewhere and it was Lalo Guerrero’s mother who nurtured him and set him on the path to stardom through her unwavering support. She was his music teacher, the only teacher he would have in his life, who gave him the gift of Read more…

Bet You Didn’t Know…

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So you’ve seen a few of his films on and you think you know everything there is to know about Lalo Guerrero. We’ve cobbled together a few facts that will prove you’ve got a lot to learn and give you even more respect for this notoriously public Latino activist:
He wasn’t alone: In the 1940s, Lalo was born into a large family. He had 21 siblings as a child but only 9 survived into adulthood.
He had friends: Did you know that Lalo was one of the best friends of the father of Linda Rondstadt? Some say her vocal talents inspired him to further his musical career.
He was heralded: The Smithsonian officially declared our hero a “National Folk Treasure” in 1980 ensuring his legacy lives on and is fully commemorated.
He was humble: His roots were lowly and his father toiled his entire life on the Southern Pacific Railroad
He’s been remembered: There two notable “shrines” of sorts to Lalo since his death: one is a flattering painting of his likeness on a freeway wall in Tucson and the other is an entire restaurant.

Las Glorias: A Restaurant Of Remembrance

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One of the best restaurants that you can visit is known as Las Glorias which is dedicated to a famous entertainer. This place has some of the best food ever, and it is a good way to remember Lalo Guerrero as what he has done, and the type of person that he really was. His legacy forever lives on, and this is just one of the ways that people can actually remember him as well as his legacy. If you ever want to try this place out, you should definitely look it up to see when you will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. This is something that you do not want to miss out on. The food is fantastic, and it is all about people who have a fine touch and remember Lalo for his contributions. Most of the people that eat here know about what he has done, and are big fans. Some people may eat here and not even know about him, until after they have attended. If you are a fan, and may have always been, this this is a place that you should go and take the whole family for great food.

The Last CD: “Vamos A Bailar-Otra Vez”

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Mexican musical artist Lalo Guerrero is hailed as the unquestioned “Father of Chicano Music.” His illustrious career as a singer and guitarist, spanning generations and hundreds of recorded titles, has helped to make the Chicano style and culture of music beloved not just by those proud of their Mexican heritage, but music lovers worldwide. Lalo’s mastery of style and talent in music allowed him to speak to all types of people, whether it was through a somber ballad or an energetic big band style. One of his most beloved and popular albums is “Vamos A Bailar-Otra Vez.”

The album, remarkably, came at the end of this decades-long career, and was recorded when Lalo was 82 years old. Just one year prior, in 1997, he had received the National Medal of the Arts at the White House. Lalo is a master in a wide variety of Mexican musical genres, from salsa, nortea, corridos, banda and rancheras to cumbias, boleros, cha cha chas and mambos, many of which are featured on “Vamos A Bailar-Otra Vez.”

The 14 tracks featured on this album showcase Lalo’s passion for Chicano music as well as his mastery in the scope of Mexican music. The title track is a high energy big band tune that showcases Lalo’s spirit and joy. In contrast, “Barrio Viejo” is a moving, thoughtful piece with Lalo singing alone with his guitar, reminiscing about an old neighborhood and its since forgotten glory. Other album highlights include the fun and energetic “Vamos a Bailar” and the darker, more somber “El Carnalito.” Despite the clear specificity of his musical style and influence, Lalo’s music transcends borders, and is capable of connecting with listeners of all backgrounds as he conveys such a wide scope of life experiences and stories.

“Vamos A Bailar-Otra Vez” features performances with the Lalo Guerrero Orchestra, which includes Justo Almario, Mark Jones, Ramon Flores and David Torres.

The Parody Songs Of Lalo Guerrero

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Lalo Guerrero was a celebrated Mexican-American guitarist and musician. He embraced the folksy roots of Mexican music and created his own enduring form of Chicano. His career spanned six decades, and his distinct style of music has had a lasting influence on the Latin world. In 1980, the Smithsonian Institute declared Lalo Guerrero a national folk treasure. Lalo Guerrero passed away on March 17th, 2005.

Lalo Guerrero created a variety of different types of Latin music in his lifetime. He wrote Latin swing songs, Zoot Suit compositions, as well as children-s tunes. Read more…

“Pancho Lopez’ A Parody And First American Hit

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There are many people around the world who have the love for brass music. Nonetheless, there are certain quotas that think that Pancho Lopez is old fashioned and have no place in the modern world that is not true in any way. In fact, if you love music then Pancho Lopez is for you.
There is an easy way for you to get to enjoy your music, use the Internet. As a matter of fact, there are many websites on the Read more…

“Las Ardillitas’ A Latin-American “Alvin And The Chipmunks’

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Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, which was born December 24th of 1916 was a pioneer in the Latino music Genre. Paving the way for many future artists to come, he had major success in his work. With many awards and honors reflecting his work as a Latino music songwriter and performer, he became a legendary icon to the Latino community. Making numerous television appearances from the early 50′s to the mid 90′s changing the music industry. Among the Read more…

Lalo Guerrero As An Uncredited Actor

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Eduardo Lalo Guerrero was known as the father of Chicago music. He was a Mexican guitarist, as well as a singer. He was well known for his influence on many of today’s current Latin artists. The name of his first group was called Los Carlistas. They represented Arizona at the time, which was in the year of 1939. In the year of 1940, he moved to Los Angeles. He played in a few roles that actually went uncredited.Boots and Saddles was just one Read more…